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Can changing your smile improve the quality of your life?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Many patients express a desire to improve their smile to help enhance their confidence and social interactions.

Our smile makes up a major part of our identity and personality. Numerous studies have researched the relationship between dental health, smile patterns, and self confidence in children and adults. Results of these studies reveal that poor dental health and esthetics may prevent adults or children from expressing positive emotions, which in turn, can impact their self-confidence and comfort in socialization.

So, Yes! Changing your smile can certainly improve your self-confidence, social interactions, and quality of life. Often, factors such as the perceived financial commitment or uncertainty about the final results cause patients to be hesitant about esthetic dental treatments. A benefit of Biomimetic Dentistry is the conservative approach taken in treatment, which benefits the patient by lowering associated costs for such procedures.

In the example above, an option for treatment would have been to restore all of the front teeth with SIX porcelain veneers. Nevertheless, with a combination of teeth whitening, minor composite fillings, and ONLY two porcelain veneers, amazing results were achieved. Through this method of treatment, our patient had a major financial saving and is extremely happy with his new smile!



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