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Virtual Dental Care

We now offer telehealth dental care. At Dr. David Hakham, Dentist in Montebello we understand the importance of providing convenient and accessible dental services to our patients. With virtual dental care, you can now connect with your dentist from the comfort of your own space. Whether you're facing a busy schedule, travel constraints, or simply prefer the convenience of remote appointments, our telehealth dental services are designed to cater to your needs.

Scheduling a virtual visit is easy. Patients interested in experiencing the benefits of telehealth dental care can either complete the online form below or call our office at (323) 728-0241 directly to request an appointment. Our dedicated team will assist you in selecting a suitable time for your virtual consultation. During the virtual visit, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your dental concerns, receive expert advice, and explore potential treatment options – all while maintaining the same level of care and attention you would receive in person.

After you request a virtual dental visit, you will be provided with a HIPPA compliant link from Please follow the instructions for your visit with Dr. Hakham. 

Discover the future of dental care with our virtual services at Dr. David Hakham, Dentist in Montebello. We're committed to bringing personalized and comprehensive dental care to you, wherever you are. Embrace the convenience of virtual appointments and take proactive steps towards your dental health today.

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To Schedule an In Person Appointment, Please Visit Our Book Online Page, Click Below, or Call (323) 728-0241

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