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Estheic and Biomimetic Dentistry in Montebello
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Gerry R.

5 Stars Rated Dentist

Very clear with procedure explanations and very attentive when it comes to your comfort level


Went in for a scheduled deep cleaning. Today they worked on the right side and this is EXACTLY how my visit went. I walked in about 9:34 am to a pleasant greeting from Stella who called me by name (always gives you that important feeling). Right beside her was Dorin with a pleasant hello as well. Today I was Dorin's appointment. She was the dental hygienist working my grill. We moved into the room as I got comfortable on the electric recliner / dental chair. A fancy bib was wrapped nicely around my neck and Dorin began to take some pocket measurements. Before getting started, a professional photographer came in to take my picture. Not sure how anyone knew I was going to be there, but I am glad the bib was removed beforehand helping me look my best. I am going allow them to use this photo as my profile picture for my file. Dorin began to do her thing and before I knew it she was all done. She is a professional in every sense. Very clear with procedure explanations and very attentive when it comes to your comfort level. If I was to feel any pain, I was to raise my hand as her indicator. At one point I thought that would feel some discomfort and scrunched my eyebrows as a first reaction. She immediately asked if I was ok. Now that is attentive! Dorin made my time on the chair pleasant. Stella was bumping some 80's jams like Soft Cell Tainted Love, which help the time pass. Thank you Dorin! On my way to check out, Dr. Hakham said hello and I asked him about a small issue from my last visit. The Dr. Took a look and took care of it on the spot. Now that is service :) Had the pleasure of running into Diane. She is cheerful and full of smiles like the day I met her. Stella, Diane, myself, and another cheerful staff member talked for a bit about a special edition office candle. I asked which one of them smelled good and they blamed the candle (modest). Another great experience was had. Until next time ~

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