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Estheic and Biomimetic Dentistry in Montebello
5 Star Reviews on Google for Dr. David Hakham, Dentist in Montebello
Yelp 5 Star Dentist

Cruz H

5 Stars Rated Dentist

This dentist has the top notch customer service


First things first. I had a previous Dentistry that I attended for about 2 years prior to meeting Dr. Hakham. The reasons why I left that dentist was because every time that I called it went to voicemail stating that they would get "back to me", which of course they never did. Also, I asked my previous Dentist that I wanted a mouth guard for my mouth during the night time (which once again of course they would ignore my request). So, long story short I left. Since, talking to people who never get back to you is like talking to a wall and for me that was not professional at all. Talking to my friend Alma about the amazing dentist that she loves to go to and gave me the phone number to call this office. So, since she spoke so highly of him I wanted to see how true it was. I previously came to this dentist a long time ago with my children who are now all grown up. Once my friend Alma gave me the number I called right away! The receptionist Stella was so sweet and kind. So, that alone made an impact. And when I went to my first dentist appointment with this new Doctor that I haven't met was so extremely polite and made me feel welcomed. Not only is this office professional, but they gave me my mouth guard that I've been wanting for two years. He had it ready as soon as possible, the same day I had an appointment for my cleaning and the mouth guard. This dentist has the top notch customer service, and I would never go anywhere else. He is so amazing that this is my very first yelp review and I would want to encourage anyone who sees this review to not think twice about going to him. If you are reading this Doctor thank you for being on top of it, and giving me the best customer service I've ever had.

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