Patient Experiences

Andrea E

I’ve been looking for a new dentist to go to since my biggest issue with my previous dentist was waiting over 30 minutes to be seen. Some friends of mine raved about Dr. Hakham and his entire staff. I decided to give them a try and scheduled for an appointment Tuesday, they took x-rays, examined my teeth, etc. (I had not been to the dentist in 2 years). I was truly impressed with how well they respect your time, my appointment was at 8:30am and they took me in exactly at that time. Today was day 1 of deep cleaning and let me say I am one who typically dislikes the dentist because of the pain and how uncomfortable I get… NOT HERE! The entire time the hygienist kept asking me if I was okay and kept my mind off the deep cleaning. Dr. Hakham is very friendly and is always willing to answer any questions one may have regarding the procedures that are taking place. Let’s just say I am excited for Tuesday and the deep cleaning of my left side (who would’ve thought I’d ever say that). The staff and Dr. Hakham have truly have made me feel completely relaxed and at ease.

Don N

Dr. Hakham has a gentle hand and a calm yet confident demeanor. He explains your dental issues well and shows a genuine concern that you understand. All of the hygienists and fellow doctors are wonderful. Diane sets your mind at ease and speaks highly of Dr. Hakham’s experience and craftsmanship when having a more involved procedure. I am especially indebted to Dorin who has done most of my x-rays, measurements, and cleanings (over a dozen now) and always been thorough and kind. Usually the first and last person you see in the clinic is Stella who has been so helpful in arranging appointments, helping with insurance questions, and billing that I cannot say enough great things about her. All of my appointments at Dr. Hakham’s clinic have been on time and sometimes even early if I arrive earlier than expected. I highly recommend Dr. Hakham for your dental needs.

Yuko O

Going to the dentist every 4 months for a checkup is not a fun thing to do, but Dr. Hakham and his staff make it such a pleasant experience. I am always greeted with a smile from every staff members and I am treated with the upmost care. I started going to the office many years ago because it was Dr. Abrams, and I miss him dearly, but I can honestly say I am pleased with Dr. Hakham. He is very knowledgeable and is very thorough with his examinations.

Omid E

I’ve been to many dentists before and have pretty much had an unpleasant experience. I even went to a dentist who told me I had a cavity when I didn’t. A friend referred me to Dr. Hakham after I told him about my tooth pain. After I called, they were able to immediately get me in to see the dentist. When I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised to see how clean and updated the office was. The gal up front was extremely professional when I was greeted. The gal who took x rays was very pleasant. I also had a deep cleaning done by Doreen – the dental hygienist. It was painless! After my exam, the dentist over everything and explained what I need to do for healthier teeth. I would barely make a dentist about once year but I’ll definitely be seeing Dr. Hakham for my bi annual checkups! Thank you Dr. Hakham and your staff for a rare, pleasant dentist visit!

Gerry R.

Went in for a scheduled deep cleaning. Today they worked on the right side and this is EXACTLY how my visit went. I walked in about 9:34 am to a pleasant greeting from Stella who called me by name (always gives you that important feeling). Right beside her was Dorin with a pleasant hello as well. Today I was Dorin’s appointment. She was the dental hygienist working my grill. We moved into the room as I got comfortable on the electric recliner / dental chair. A fancy bib was wrapped nicely around my neck and Dorin began to take some pocket measurements. Before getting started, a professional photographer came in to take my picture. Not sure how anyone knew I was going to be there, but I am glad the bib was removed beforehand helping me look my best. I am going allow them to use this photo as my profile picture for my file. Dorin began to do her thing and before I knew it she was all done. She is a professional in every sense. Very clear with procedure explanations and very attentive when it comes to your comfort level. If I was to feel any pain, I was to raise my hand as her indicator. At one point I thought that would feel some discomfort and scrunched my eyebrows as a first reaction. She immediately asked if I was ok. Now that is attentive! Dorin made my time on the chair pleasant. Stella was bumping some 80’s jams like Soft Cell Tainted Love, which help the time pass. Thank you Dorin! On my way to check out, Dr. Hakham said hello and I asked him about a small issue from my last visit. The Dr. Took a look and took care of it on the spot. Now that is service πŸ™‚ Had the pleasure of running into Diane. She is cheerful and full of smiles like the day I met her. Stella, Diane, myself, and another cheerful staff member talked for a bit about a special edition office candle. I asked which one of them smelled good and they blamed the candle (modest). Another great experience was had. Until next time ~

Bobby B

I guess like a lot of other people, I’m not so fond of visiting the dentist. But, you got to take care of yourself and your body because you only have one. After a lot of procrastination, I paid a visit to one the most caring and friendly dentists that I have the pleasure to come across. Dr. David Hakham has a calming effect on even the most uneasy patients (me). He is very knowledgeable (USC dental school grad) and puts patient care and satisfaction ahead of everything else. His staff are very efficient as well and truly take care of their patient’s needs. So, if you are in need of some dental care, pay Dr. Hakham a visit. I am sure you will be surprisingly satisfied.

Cindy S

From the outside the office is in a plain building but inside this dental office has modern equipment, which makes for a good dental experience. Dr. Hakham and all the staff are professional and thorough. I have sensitive teeth and they are careful when I get my services, making my experience less stressful. Both Dr. Hakham and my dental hygienist, Joanna have given excellent oral hygiene advice, which has helped improve the health of my teeth. I have full confidence in recommending Dr. Hakham to family, friends and anyone looking for a great dentist.

Karla B

Been going to western dental for years and we were just not happy with their service anymore so we switched to Doctor David Hakham and we couldn’t be happier. They take pride in being ready for your appointment and not making you wait 30 minutes after your appointment time. Me and my family are really happy about the switch and look forward to every appointment we are scheduled. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a good dentist. Their work is good and their priority is you.

Newlin D

Dr. David Hakham is a top notch professional dentist who is both extremely knowledgeable and personable. He treats every patient with kindness and respect. Dr. Hakham’s assistants are also very professional and make the daunting task of things like cleanings seem less alarming. Dr. Hakham’s office staff is also professional and kind and treat all patients with respect. Thank you for taking care of us after a recent emergency incident.

Cruz H

First things first. I had a previous Dentistry that I attended for about 2 years prior to meeting Dr. Hakham. The reasons why I left that dentist was because every time that I called it went to voicemail stating that they would get “back to me”, which of course they never did. Also, I asked my previous Dentist that I wanted a mouth guard for my mouth during the night time (which once again of course they would ignore my request). So, long story short I left. Since, talking to people who never get back to you is like talking to a wall and for me that was not professional at all. Talking to my friend Alma about the amazing dentist that she loves to go to and gave me the phone number to call this office. So, since she spoke so highly of him I wanted to see how true it was. I previously came to this dentist a long time ago with my children who are now all grown up. Once my friend Alma gave me the number I called right away! The receptionist Stella was so sweet and kind. So, that alone made an impact. And when I went to my first dentist appointment with this new Doctor that I haven’t met was so extremely polite and made me feel welcomed. Not only is this office professional, but they gave me my mouth guard that I’ve been wanting for two years. He had it ready as soon as possible, the same day I had an appointment for my cleaning and the mouth guard. This dentist has the top notch customer service, and I would never go anywhere else. He is so amazing that this is my very first yelp review and I would want to encourage anyone who sees this review to not think twice about going to him. If you are reading this Doctor thank you for being on top of it, and giving me the best customer service I’ve ever had.

Janet M.

Absolutely a 5 star location! The staff is amazing, very professional, patient and they will thoroughly answer any questions or concerns. The place is very clean, very covid-safe environment, they take full precautions. Dr. David Hakham is a very caring person, it shows he truly has the patients best interests in helping them with their dental needs. I will without a doubt recommend them to everyone. Thank you staff for all your help, truly appreciate it.

Zonia J.

The best! After going to my same dentist for 30 years he retired and I was left with no dentist for myself and for my family. Dr. Hakham was the “new dentist” and I was not sure I wanted to stay. It was my very wise son (17 years old) who said, “don’t go looking for another dentist just stay with Dr. Hakham and see how it goes!” I am so glad we did! Dr. Hakham is very professional. He doesn’t rush and always explains the work that needs to be done. He also helps me “look ahead” by explaining work that might need to be done in the near future but not necessarily immediately. This helps me as we are a family of 6! His staff is the BEST! I can’t say enough kind words about everyone who works in this office.

Leidy M.

Very nice and clean offices and up to date technology. Dr. Hakham is always so caring and gentle, and a complete professional when it comes to the dental work he has performed for me. The office staff are always very welcoming and friendly. Even though going to the dentist is not at the top of my list, Dr. Hakham and his staff make it almost pleasurable.

Benjamin G.

I was in pain to the point where I knew that day would come where I would have to see a dentist. To be honest it had been a while that I’ve been to the dentist. So I searched for a dentist near my residence with great reviews and found David Hakham’s office to be a great decision for me. I was hesitant but knew it had to be done. The staff was nice and made me feel comfortable. Dr David Hakham was amazing. I didn’t understand why it took me so long to get at least checkups, but it’s never late to start. For anyone who is hesitant or scared just schedule the appt and trust me when I say this: The Dr and his staff is really cool and will definitely take care of you. I love it when people are honest and I would rather they be honest so I know what to expect. Amazing team. My dentist even when I get dentures which is in the near future. Thank you guys you rock!!!!!

Joana A.

It is so difficult to find a good dentist. Luckily, I have found a GREAT dentist! Dr. Hakham is very knowledgeable, takes his time with his patients and genuinely cares about his patients’ oral health. The office is very clean and organized and all the staff members are delightful! I honestly look forward to my next visit.

Gerry R.

What can I say, every KING deserves a crown! Greeted in the morning with a smile by the lovely Diane was how my experienced started. It is always a pleasure catching up with one another. In the procedure room I was treated to a nice beach front setting from the in- room TV screen recently activated. This coupled with some relaxing tunes truly set the mood for a successful outcome. David Hakham is a master at what he does. Everything goes so smoothly that I sometimes think he does nothing at all. He makes sure you are comfortable the whole time and answers any questions you may have before and after your visit. Very personable and professional. As I made my way out, I ended my session with the very Sweet Stella. She collects the payment and sets my next appointment. We typically catch up as well with the, “how are you(s)”, but she owes a dollar to the jar so our time was limited this time around πŸ˜‰ All in all another top service! Until Next Time, The Duke ~

Abby U.

I have never had a Dentist that I was happy to tell people about like Dr Hakham. His sincerity and honesty for my dental work has made me feel comfortable with his direction for the better of my teeth. He has always given me better brushing techniques and tips for healthier teeth. I do and plan to continue telling people about his workmanship and his integrity he has shown me. Thank you Dr. Hakham

Rachel V.

I love Dr. Hakham and his team! I was terrified of going to the dentist and because of his patience and understanding, now I never miss any of my appointments. I like how he takes the time to explain step by step on what he will be doing and doesn’t start to work on you until you are ready. I also like the fact that they check up on you after hours. His team is always very friendly and welcoming. Recommended 100%, you won’t be disappointed!

Carmen V.

My family and I have been coming to this dental office for 40 years and Dr. Hakham has been the third dentist I’ve seen. He is very professional and explains your treatment plan and options in detail. The staff is very friendly & the office feels calming and clean. I will continue to receive my dental care here and highly recommend Dr. Hakham services.

Mama Z.

Dr. Hakham is very welcoming and always comes out to greet his patients, even if the appointment is not with him. Similarly, the office staff is very friendly. Most important is that Dr. Hakham is an excellent, painless dentist. He takes time to explain procedures/recommendations and patiently answers all questions. We live approximately 25 miles from Dr. Hakham’s office but we wouldn’t go anywhere else!