At Dr. David Hakham, Dentist in Montebello, the primary goal of biomimetic dentistry is to preserve natural teeth and treat problems before the need for reconstruction surgery. If a tooth is fractured or begins to decay, it is vulnerable to more severe problems such as infection or cavities. Biomimetic dentistry aims to address the issue right away and strengthen the tooth, which can protect it from further bacterial damage. For example, rather than filling a cavity with exterior materials, biomimetic dentistry uses non-invasive treatments to kill bacteria and address the cause of the cavity to help prevent future tooth decay.

Traditional Dentistry vs. Biomimetic Dentistry

Traditional dental procedures rely on preparation designs that allow the restorative material or technique to be used. This includes preparation features like retention and resistance form, as well as tooth reduction to meet the strength requirements of the restorative material rather than prioritizing intact tooth structure preservation. As a result, the restored tooth requires more preparation and has a much higher risk of complications such as pain, sensitivity, root canal treatment, recession, and fracture. Full coverage crowns and a variety of metallic inlays and fillings are examples of such dental procedures.

On the other hand, the Biomimetic approach combines an understanding and appreciation of the biomechanics of natural teeth with principles and techniques that maximize adhesion. These concepts include the elements required to mimic the natural tooth. Restorative materials mimic the properties of dental structures, and healthy, intact tooth structure is preserved through adhesion without additional preparation. The biomimetically restored tooth has the same strength, function, and appearance as natural teeth. Composite fillings, partial coverage restorations, and full-coverage ceramic restorations are examples of biomimetic restorations. However, the application technique and material selection make a significant difference in the performance of these techniques, so a solid understanding of the science is required.

The Advantages of Biomimetic Dentistry

  • Keeping toxic chemicals out of your mouth

  • Keeping more of your natural teeth, which allows you to eat and speak more naturally

  • Use materials that function similarly to teeth, which can help keep the rest of your teeth healthy and promote oral health.

  • Treatments that are minimally invasive and can reduce the need for anesthesia

  • Less invasive treatments are typically less expensive, saving you money.

  • Aesthetically pleasing restorations. 

  • Reduce pain and sensitivity.

  • Remove unnecessary root canals.

Using biomimetic dentistry to approach oral health care can significantly reduce the need to remove teeth or grind them down for crowns, root canals, and other procedures. Contact Dr. David Hakham, Dentist in Montebello, at 6451 Whittier Blvd, Montebello Los Angeles, CA 90022, or call (323) 728-0241 for the best care.



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