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Patients often ask, “What is Biomimetic Dentistry?”

Biomimetic Dentistry is defined as the use of specific techniques and materials to mimic the biological properties of teeth at time of treatment. In general, when a tooth erupts in the mouth, it is naturally provided with the most ideal anatomy and strength. In cases of decayed or cracked teeth, Biomimetic Dentistry aims to restore the tooth to its original esthetics, strength, and function.

The following demonstrates a recent case where a tooth presented with decay around and underneath an existing composite resin restoration (tooth-colored filling). After careful removal of the old filling and decay in a conservative manner, the tooth was restored with composite resin material using principles of bonding. As evident, the tooth was artistically restored to ideal anatomy. This case represents an example of Biomimetic Dentistry; where the tooth was restored back to life.

Next time you have a tooth restored because of decay or cracks, make sure it is done Biomimetically.

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