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Is Dr. Hakham Accepting New Patients?

Yes! Our team welcomes new patients. You can schedule an appointment conveniently on our website or call (323) 728-0241 to request an appointment. Our friendly team can answer any questions you might have about dental treatment, insurance, or appointments.

Do You Accept My Dental Insurance?

Our dental practice accepts all PPO dental insurances. We offer special pricing to patients with HMO dental insurances or Medical. Our dedicated team members are available to answer all your questions about dental insurance: Call (323) 728-0241

How Can I Schedule A Same Day Emergency Dental Appointment?

Our dedicated team is prepared for all of your emergency dental needs. We offer same day emergency dentist visits. Visit the Contact Us page and Call us to Schedule an Appointment with One of Our Top Dentists.

How Can I Make An Appointment To See A Dentist?

You can call (323) 728-0241 to request an appointment or conveniently schedule an appointment on our website. Please call us with specific requests or questions regarding your appointment.

Does Your Office Have Special Offers?

Yes! Our dental office offers special pricing to new patients. In addition, we offer complementary orthodontic or implant consultations. Visit our Special Offers page, or call us and ask our friendly team for special offers, when requesting your appointment.

Dentist with patient
Dentist with patient
Dentist with patient

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