Don N.

Dr. Hakham has a gentle hand and a calm yet confident demeanor. He explains your dental issues well and shows a genuine concern that you understand. All of the hygienists and fellow doctors are wonderful. Diane sets your mind at ease and speaks highly of Dr. Hakham's experience and craftsmanship when having a more involved procedure. I am especially indebted to Dorin who has done most of my x-rays, measurements, and cleanings (over a dozen now) and always been thorough and kind. Usually the first and last person you see in the clinic is Stella who has been so helpful in arranging appointments, helping with insurance questions, and billing that I cannot say enough great things about her. All of my appointments at Dr. Hakham's clinic have been on time and sometimes even early if I arrive earlier than expected. I highly recommend Dr. Hakham for your dental needs.

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