Andrea E

I've been looking for a new dentist to go to since my biggest issue with my previous dentist was waiting over 30 minutes to be seen. Some friends of mine raved about Dr. Hakham and his entire staff. I decided to give them a try and scheduled for an appointment Tuesday, they took x-rays, examined my teeth, etc. (I had not been to the dentist in 2 years). I was truly impressed with how well they respect your time, my appointment was at 8:30am and they took me in exactly at that time. Today was day 1 of deep cleaning and let me say I am one who typically dislikes the dentist because of the pain and how uncomfortable I get... NOT HERE! The entire time the hygienist kept asking me if I was okay and kept my mind off the deep cleaning. Dr. Hakham is very friendly and is always willing to answer any questions one may have regarding the procedures that are taking place. Let's just say I am excited for Tuesday and the deep cleaning of my left side (who would've thought I'd ever say that). The staff and Dr. Hakham have truly have made me feel completely relaxed and at ease.

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