Should You Schedule A Teeth Cleaning Before The Year Ends?

Simply put, a dental cleaning is a preventive treatment that removes plaque and tartar from teeth to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. During this appointment, the dentist Montebello Los Angeles, CA, will also polish your teeth to leave behind a smoother surface that is more resistant to stains. We can use this polishing technique to remove minor discolorations and tooth staining that you may not even be aware of. Even some beverages like tea, wine, and coffee are known to cause staining on the enamel’s outer layers. No matter the type of stain, the good news is that we can help remove it with a professional cleaning and whitening treatment.

Of course, there are many benefits to scheduling your dental cleaning before the end of the year. For one, you can subtract the cost of preventative care from your New Year’s resolution budget. Another reason to schedule your appointment sooner is the added stress of the holiday season. Scheduling your care ahead of time means one less thing to worry about during one of the most hectic times of the year. Additionally, early appointments before the holidays also mean you’ll have more free time to see family and friends for the holidays without worrying about missing an appointment. Get started with the dentist Montebello Los Angeles, CA, today!

When Should you Schedule a Cleaning?

Most patients should plan to have their teeth cleaned twice a year. Some people have more regular, extreme cases that require more frequent visits. Regardless of your situation, you should book these appointments on your schedule so that you don’t neglect your oral health. Keep in mind that many people make New Year’s resolutions to get healthy again and start new habits. This is a great time of year to schedule your next cleaning and make sure that you have your dental health under control. 

Reasons To Schedule Your Next Cleaning Now

  • You can plan ahead. You don’t want to be scrambling around at the last minute trying to find a weekend or holiday appointment. Planning ahead helps you keep to a schedule that works for you. When you have time blocked out in advance, you can ensure that you won’t miss it when life gets busy.
  • You prevent common oral health problems. Even if you don’t notice anything bothering you, you still need to have your teeth professionally cleaned and checked once a year with our dentist in Northridge. By visiting us before the year is over, you will be able to avoid potential problems such as tartar build-up and gum disease.
  • You’ll save money. By scheduling your appointment now, you will save money on your next cleaning. If you wait for longer, you may miss out on this savings opportunity. In addition, if you visit the dentist Montebello Los Angeles, CA, during the year for an emergency visit or need additional restorative work, you will likely have to pay higher prices during the holidays.
  • You’ll feel relaxed going into the New Year. Many people begin to feel stressed about upcoming holidays or special events. There’s no need to worry about your smile when you come to see us for your annual cleaning. When you leave our office, you will have peace of mind knowing that everything with your teeth is as it should be.

Scheduling teeth cleaning before the end of this year has a number of advantages for you to consider. Getting your teeth cleaned can help brighten your smile, prevent cavities and gum disease, as well as removing stains from coffee or wine.

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