Protect Your Smile with Sportsguards

Sports guards are an excellent way to protect your teeth while participating in sports or recreational activities. Many sports, such as football, basketball, baseball, and wrestling, can cause injury to your mouth. Even activities like skateboarding and biking can be dangerous.

What Is a Sports Guard?

A sports guard is an oral appliance that helps protect your smile from injury during athletic events. It is worn in the mouth, over upper teeth, and can be made of flexible plastic or hard acrylic material. The guard absorbs the force of impact and deflects it away from the mouth to prevent an injury to the jaw and damage to the teeth.

If your teeth are already damaged by a sports injury in the past, you can still protect yourself with a sports guard. The dentist Montebello Los Angeles, CA, suggests that these appliances can help cushion the teeth and protect them from further damage in the future. They can also be customized to fit each individual patient’s smile. Many patients wear their sports guards during both practice and game days, but others only wear them during the game to protect their smiles as they practice on their own.

Why is it Essential to Wear a Sports Guard?

It’s important to wear a sports guard whenever you play a sport that involves physical contact, such as football. Even non-contact sports like basketball or baseball can lead to injury to your mouth if proper precautions aren’t taken. Other safety precautions include wearing a helmet, using a facemask, and having your lips covered with a protective balm. Don’t rely on your equipment alone to protect your teeth. Make sure to use all of the available safety measures to ensure you get full protection and a beautiful smile for years to come!

Benefits of Using Sports Guards

Even athletes need to take care of their smiles. Wearing a sportsguard can protect you from many dental injuries while playing sports or practicing your favorite activity.

Dental trauma is a real risk for anyone playing a sport, but wearing the right gear can help protect your teeth from injury. Make sure you wear a mouthguard that’s designed for the sport you play the most. Some sports require different types of equipment to protect your mouth and face. For example, if you wear braces or another oral appliance, you’ll want a custom sports guard that fits comfortably over your braces and protects your smile. If your teeth are just straight and healthy, you can use a generic sportsguard that’s available over the counter at most drugstores.

Custom sports guards are created by your dentist Montebello Los Angeles, CA, to fit your smile and provide the protection you need. Generic sports guards are designed to fit most patients, but you can usually adjust the fit as needed. You may need to make a few adjustments before you get just the right fit. A generic guard won’t provide the same level of protection as a custom one, however. This is why many experienced athletes choose custom guards to minimize the risk of dental injury.

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